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We obtain the funds required for the financing of our organization and its programs from the following sources:

1. Contributions from our founders and supporters;

2. Contributions from local communities who are interested in our work;

3. Contributions from green corporations concerned with our mission and programs;

4. Sales of our organic farmsí products;

5. Cooperations with relevant governmental ministries of Indonesia primarily the Ministry of Forestry and Environment, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Social Affairs, and also with the provincial and local governments around Indonesia; and

6. Cooperations with other Indonesian NGOs primarily Komunitas Penadbiran Sampah (Waste Governance Community), Lembaga Santunan Masyarakat (Community Help Institute), and Persatuan Perempuan Sama (Womenís Union for Equality).

Currently we are trying to win grant support from national and international donor agencies.






Secretariat: Jl. Nanas Raya RT 008 RW 02 Jakarta Timur, Jakarta Capital City, Indonesia
Zip code: 13120   -   Mobile: +6285697001818   -   Email: veganindo@ornop.id
Website: www.veganindo.ornop.id


Updated: March 8, 2019