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A lifestyle without consuming animals.

1. We will respect, fulfill, and protect animal rights as each nonhuman animal is entitled to the possession of their own lives and their most basic interest in this eco-centric universe. Due to this, we will fight against all forms of carnism.

2. We will promote ecofeminism to stop the oppression of women and, at the same time, stop the oppression of nature.

3. We will promote environmental veganism by putting nature conservation as top priority and rejecting the use of animal products on the premise that all forms of fishing, hunting, trapping and farming, particularly factory farming, are environmentally unsustainable.

We are an ecofeminist nongovernment organization working in Indonesia. We intend to stop the oppression of women in parallel with stopping the oppression of nature. We do this by empowering female groups facing feminization of poverty in rural and urban areas to live independent vegan lifestyle in order to elevate women’s dignity while reducing poverty and hunger, and protecting the nature.

To support women facing feminization of poverty to get rid of poverty by living independent vegan lifestyle.

Veganindo Foundation has three strategic programs, namely:

1. Promoting Independent Vegan Lifestyle. In this program we motivate, train, and facilitate women entangled in feminization of poverty to live an independent veganism lifestyle in which they self-sufficiently satisfy their food and herbal needs by managing organic farms on pots upcycled from waste plastic bottles and bags. Through this unique organic farming system we facilitate the needy women to farm food crops and herbal crops for their self-consumption (in order that they get rid of hunger and morbidity) as well as for sale (in order that they get rid of absolute poverty).

2. Vegan Menu Contest. In this program we organize the contest of designing cuisine recipes for the vegans made of vegetables and fruits based on four categories (namely staple foods, side dishes, desserts, and herbal foods mainly in form of juices or smoothies of vegetables and fruits), as well as five advantages (eco-friendly, nutritious, delicious, cheap, and manageable). The cooking processes of all recipes from the winning as well as losing participants will be videotaped completed with the Indonesian and English texts to be disseminated worldwide through social media (YouTube, website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc). By this we expect that veganism lifestyle will be more acceptable by local as well as global communities. This contest will be held every month so that every month we will regularly add new recipes in the video gallery of veganism menu in those social media.

3. Vegan camp. The main target groups of this program are adolescent females and males as the future leaders of communities. We will motivate, train, and facilitate them for a few weeks to practice veganism lifestyle in camps located in rural and urban areas. There they will learn planting a variety of food and herbal crops as well as cooking a variety of veganism menu based on the recipes that we have previously uploaded in the social media (YouTube, website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Through this program we expect to forge new vegans who will further promote veganism in their social environment in the present and the future.



1. Through the Promoting Independent Vegan Lifestyle program, we managed to change the life of 300 needy women as the breadwinners in their family who live in rural areas and urban slums around Java and Sulawesi islands. No one of them who has land. We motivated them to be new vegans and then facilitated them to manage organic farms of vegetables and fruits on pots made of waste plastic bottles and bags. They managed to grow various food crops and herbal crops in quantities beyond their daily need. These women, who used to be so poor, now are able to meet the food needs for their family so they have got rid of hunger and morbidity. Sales of the surplus of their crops result in adequate income so they also have escaped from absolute poverty.

2. Through the Vegan Menu Contest program, we managed to hold 30 contest events and brought together 422 recipes of veganism menu made of vegetables and fruits. These comprise 186 staple food recipes, 143 side-dishes recipes, 61 dessert recipes, and 32 food recipes containing medicines. Each of these recipes has five advantages namely eco-friendly, nutritious, delicious, cheap, and manageable. Currently we are doing a fund-raising to videotape all the recipes completed with Indonesian and English texts for further dissemination through social media (YouTube, website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

3. Through the Vegan Camp program, we managed to persuade over 200 teenagers, including university students from various colleges around Java and Sulawesi islands, to become new vegans. According to our monitoring team, the majority of Vegan Camp alumni actively promote veganism lifestyle in their respective social environments.

The main target groups of Veganindo Foundation are:

1. Women as victims of feminization of poverty primarily those who become the breadwinners in their family.

2. LGBTQIA people who live below poverty line and suffer from various forms of violence due to their sexual orientation.

3. Adolescent females and males as the future leaders of communities.

In addition, we try to promote independent vegan lifestyle to other groups, both females and males, such as environmental activists, artists, medical professionals, and so on.






Secretariat: Jl. Nanas Raya RT 008 RW 02 Jakarta Timur, Jakarta Capital City, Indonesia
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Updated: March 8, 2019