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Yayasan Veganindo (Veganindo Foundation) is an ecofeminist nongovernment organization working in Indonesia intending to stop the oppression of women in parallel with stopping the oppression of nature by empowering female groups suffering from feminization of poverty in rural and urban areas to live independent vegan lifestyle in order to elevate women’s dignity while reducing poverty and hunger, and protecting the nature.


Veganindo Foundation was founded on February 8, 2016 in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, by 11 women as the followers of ecofeminism and environmental veganism. They are concerned with feminization of poverty that affects women as the breadwinners in their family in rural as well as urban areas throughout the country.





Secretariat: Jl. Nanas Raya RT 008 RW 02 Jakarta Timur, Jakarta Capital City, Indonesia
Zip code: 13120   -   Mobile: +6285697001818   -   Email: veganindo@ornop.id
Website: www.veganindo.ornop.id


Updated: March 8, 2019